Live Dealer Casino Games Offered


You’ve probably heard about live dealer casinos. They’re one of the truly great advancements in online casino technology over the last couple years. Live dealer casinos, where the online casino actually shows a live video feed of a real dealer in a real casino actually dealing for the game you’re playing, are made possible by new fibre optic cable technology that increased the bandwidth of communication lines around the world, enabling TV-like video. Fibre optical cable also made communications much cheaper, which meant that just about any online casino could start offering full motion video live dealer games at the same cost to customers as conventional casinos.

In the last year or so the number of online live dealer casinos has exploded, and while at first live dealer casinos only offered live poker games, now you can get live dealer versions of a number of casino games. In this article I’m going to give you a rundown of the major and most common live dealer games offered by the best live dealer casinos in the online universe today.

casinoMost all live dealer casino games are available at Playtech casinos, online casinos using gaming software from company called Playtech, the software developer. The casino canada online games that they program are used in online casinos of every size and shape, but because all the actual live dealer games are made by the same company the games tend to be very much the same from casino to casino. So if you play one version of live dealer blackjack at one casino and then play at another, chances are that the specific live dealer version of blackjack is going to be the same when you play at the other casino. Only one online casino Dublinbet was enough innovative to offer something new “live blackjack with the early payout”. that the cards look a little different. Don’t worry. The deck of cards they are using is exactly the same as a regular 52 card deck used in video poker games in live casinos, but the reason they look a little different is that the cards are oversized so you can see them on the video screen of the casino.

Live Dealer Roulette

Live dealer roulette is not as popular as blackjack but playtech has done an excellent job of rendering this game in a live casino format. The nice thing about live dealer roulette as opposed to live dealer blackjack is that if there are a lot of players playing you don’t have to wait, what can sometimes be an incredibly long time, for each player to place their bets before it comes to you. Online live dealer roulette will usually have a time limit on the bet placing interval so you know you won’t be waiting minutes between rounds just to put your bets on the table.

Live Dealer Baccarat

Baccarat has a reputation in the online gaming world for being a complex game that can sometimes be hard to get to know how to play. Well the fact is Baccarat is not a really complex game, it’s just that the table of a baccarat game is really busy with a lot of numbers and sections. This can be confusing for players who are playing baccarat for the first time online. But the nice thing about live dealer blackjack is that you actually get to see the dealer use the baccarat table and make use of all the different sections. This is a great way to learn the game that you wouldn’t normally get if you were playing at a conventional online casino where you don’t really see the full use of the baccarat table. Hopefully this serves as a little introduction to the major live dealer online casino games, and if you’ve never played one before you should try. You won’t be disappointed.