Gambling 101: Learn The Lingo


If you are heading off to Las Vegas or another gambling Mecca soon, you might want to brush up on the lingo. Gamblers have their own way of communicating and knowing what is being said is definitely to your advantage.

Let’s start out with the language of betting. Any bet you make is called the action no matter if it is a table wager or a wager on a sports game. For those really high rollers a big dime is a wager of $10,000. The average gambler typically doesn’t see this much action as that type of wager is in another realm.

A big order is a wager on a sporting event that has a figure of 5 or 6 big ones. For a wager of $100, it is commonly referred to as a buck or a C-note. A dime bet is a bet of $1000.


Gamblers also have lingo that relates to them such as a smart or seasoned gambler is referred to as fast company. When a player has run out of money and is denied credit he is considered to be dry, used to be somebody, busted, broke or dead. The dog is the guy with the least shot of winning in any type of wagering proposition. A desperado is someone that will bet with credit and no way to pay back the rough characters he has borrowed from if he loses.

A gambler that has the uncanny ability to be able to calculate the percentages as well as the odds is referred to as either the dean or the professor. A gambler that consistently cheats while playing is considered a crossroader. A gambler that only bets on the favorite to win in any sporting event is called a chalk player and the favorite whether a team, a horse or a greyhound is the chalk.

There are many more insider phrases that pertain to gambling that one will be able to figure out on their own if they are smart enough to keep their ears and eyes open.